2016 Baseball Address List pre-ordering!

Posted November 19th, 2015 by Tom Owens and filed in Harvey Meiselman
The note says, esstentially, "After 20 years of signing for FREE, I will no longer sign for free." An autograph broker has intervened. Again.

The note says, esstentially, “After 20 years of signing for FREE, I will no longer sign for free.” An autograph broker has intervened. Again.

Harvey Meiselman is back!

He’s taking advance orders for his 2016 Baseball Address List. The  $40 postpaid pricetag is a bargain investment for any collector or researcher. 

Here’s one extra bit of motivation Harvey has added.

The new edition will contain a growing list of 250-plus baseball names requesting fees/donations for replies.

What do I glean from the “pay for replies” list? The clock is ticking, folks. Each year, more retirees may shut down their availability to us. Write to them NOW.


Happy 20th Anniversary, Harvey ‘Address King’ Meiselman!

Posted November 3rd, 2014 by Tom Owens and filed in Baseball Address List, Harvey Meiselman, www.sportsaddresslists.com

The race is on.

Harvey Meiselman has started taking advance orders on his 2015 address lists.
Drop by his website. Harvey has NINE different lists for sale for this coming year.
I am a huge fan of his baseball list. Other collectors swear by his minor league list. (Imagine men who never got their shot at the majors getting remembered by mail. Big results!)
Anyone ordering before Christmas gets a bonus address list of Hall of Famers from all sports.
Why buy now for something weeks away?
Harvey is a “first in, first out” guy. You’ll get your order filled immediately. He’ll have new addresses of sometimes-signers. These men may not keep signing. Fill their mailbox first.
In other words: competitive edge.
Harvey works year-round on the list. Here was an example of a discovery he added to the 2014 list — finding shortstop Harry Chappas. Expect more great detective work in 2015. 
I’m a long-time customer. Harvey has never stopped collecting. His lists are tops. He is, too.

Why Would Mariners Manager Lloyd McClendon Charge For Autographs?

Posted June 19th, 2014 by Tom Owens and filed in Harvey Meiselman, Lloyd McClendon, Seattle Mariners, www.sportsaddresslists.com
Back in spring training, the M’s Community Relations
Dept. showed ML Blogs that the entire roster
was signing items that could be auctioned
by charities — even McClendon. The skipper hasn’t mentioned
charities in his latest autograph change, though.

Address king Harvey Meiselman does a good job updating his customers about new addresses or signing changes.

Here’s one that gave me a shock.
A Michigan-based fan mail handler has made a deal with M’s manager Lloyd McClendon. The signing fee is $15 per card or baseball, $20 for bulky items.
This isn’t a former player now dealing with wages of real-world jobs (like us).
He’s remained employed as a manager or coach for years. I’d guess the autograph broker made the deal with McClendon after meeting the latter back as a hitting coach for Detroit.
According to the website “Baseball Reference,” McClendon made more than $2 million in his seven-year playing career. Although MLB teams are trying to keep managerial salaries secret, numerous sources estimate that the low end of the 2014 pay scale for skippers is at the $500,000 mark.
There’s no details from the McClendon go-between that part of the fee goes to charity.
I’d think the Seattle front office might want to have a fast talk with their field boss. As of right now, McClendon gives the impression that he’s had to pick up a second job to make ends meet.