Charging for TTM autographs? Who gets the money? Baseball Address List creator Harvey Meiselman weighs in on hot hobby topics

Talk about hobby hope! The 2019 Baseball Address List will help ring in my new year.

His letter to past address list buyers got me psyched for the long winter. As usual, Harvey’s adding features and updates to his 2019 edition. For instance, this volume will have a list of more than 250 baseball names who are now charging for TTM autographs.

Whoa! How many?

“Yes, over 250 players are now charging,” Harvey said.  “Some are donating the money to charity, but most are keeping the money themselves. They see the value of baseball autographs on eBay and places like that and want to get in on the action and make some money on their signatures. No big surprise with what PastPros is doing with a lot of the lesser-known MLB players. Charging ridiculous fees (they make almost as much on a handling charge as the players make on a signature) and all requests have to go through their company in Canada so it takes a long time. I hear a lot of complaints from my customers about them.”

I asked about high-end autograph fees (as someone who has never paid by mail for any autograph). Harvey rattled off examples: “Lou Brock used to charge $85 a signature but he is no longer able to sign due to health reasons. Orlando Cepeda gets $60 per signature. Roger Clemens gets $100 per signature. Reggie Jackson gets $89 for a signature. Whitey Ford gets $40. Pete Rose gets $100 per signature. Nolan Ryan gets $90.There are a few that get over $30 per signature but most are in the $10-25 range.”

How can Harvey often update addresses of moved players so quickly? He has address-hunting experience that runs far beyond his days in the hobby. “My search engine costs me $400 a month and is updated every week,” he said.” It was the same search engine I used when I was a skip tracer at a Florida bank. That’s why my lists are so good.”

To learn more about Harvey’s address lists (baseball is just one of many sports he covers), go to

Happy 20th Anniversary, Harvey ‘Address King’ Meiselman!

The race is on.

Harvey Meiselman has started taking advance orders on his 2015 address lists.
Drop by his website. Harvey has NINE different lists for sale for this coming year.
I am a huge fan of his baseball list. Other collectors swear by his minor league list. (Imagine men who never got their shot at the majors getting remembered by mail. Big results!)
Anyone ordering before Christmas gets a bonus address list of Hall of Famers from all sports.
Why buy now for something weeks away?
Harvey is a “first in, first out” guy. You’ll get your order filled immediately. He’ll have new addresses of sometimes-signers. These men may not keep signing. Fill their mailbox first.
In other words: competitive edge.
Harvey works year-round on the list. Here was an example of a discovery he added to the 2014 list — finding shortstop Harry Chappas. Expect more great detective work in 2015. 
I’m a long-time customer. Harvey has never stopped collecting. His lists are tops. He is, too.

Dodger Bill Russell Spells It Out

“Ropes” — a nickname, or
what collectors are on,
after Russell’s recent
fan mail reaction.

Bill Russell, the Dodgers institution, may not be long for the free-signing world.

Thanks to Baseball Address List author Harvey Meiselman, here’s the latest from the long-time shortstop:

“This is the only piece of memorabilia that I will sign for you. Please DO NOT send any more items to this address. They will not be signed or returned.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Bill Russell”

He’s signing one-only FOR NOW at his home address.

His response times are growing to months. Once, according to, he was a sure thing for multiples. Russell’s grand total, even with his toughened stance, is still 370 out of 400 recorded TTM contacts.

I wouldn’t wait writing to Russell. If you do, don’t send more than one card. I predict dark clouds ahead that will cause him to be a fee signer or another RTS man. 

Baseball Address 2013 List Ships!

Harvey Meiselman has done it again.

He wrote: “Just to let you know I shipped the initial batch of orders this past Saturday, January 5th, right on schedule. 427 packages out the door.”

Although 427 collectors have a headstart on you, it’s not too late. In fact, now’s the best time to order his Baseball Address List. Because of the Jan. 27 U.S. Postal Service rate hike, Harvey has to increase his price to $37 to cover the new expense. Order before Jan. 27 to get the old $35 postage-paid deal.

Harvey has all his bases covered. Remember December’s feature about collecting Ford Frick Award honorees? Harvey’s list is the place for all the addresses.

To order or learn more, go to

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