Decoding Alan Trammell

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A selective hitter
and signer
these days!

Congrats to collector Dan Brunetti.

After getting one of the increasing rejections by Alan Trammell (card returned unsigned in the SASE), Dan tried again.

“I sent the second time in a big yellow envelope.  I wrote “2nd attempt” on the back of the envelope so he might see it when he opened it.”

Studying the recording attempts and rejections for a problematic signer like Trammell (whose autograph attitudes seem to have taken a U-turn beginning in 2010 as a Cubs coach), can be done easily with a source like

However, the time comes when you have to make your own game plan. Everyone is different. Time of the year (in- or off-season) may matter, too. Even retirees can be busier in summer.

The moral of this story is to keep hope. Don’t risk losing a valuable card from your collection. Yet, figure out a way to stand out from the other requests, and you may be smiling like Dan.

Coming Monday: Baseball’s most inspirational broadcaster?

Jack Damaska Shined Versus Hall of Famers Phil Niekro, Satchel Paige

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Although this pose
of Paige as a Brave
seems halfway
common on eBay,
his history in Atlanta
is more obscure.
Here’s a great account
by Larry Tye.

Jack Damaska personified the AAAA player of the 1960s.

He remained a notch above most AAA talent. Still, Damaska wasn’t getting another chance at the majors.

Nonetheless, his skills may have shined brightest in the 1965 International League All-Star Game.

Years ago, minor league all-stars would get an exhibition against a major league team.

The minor leaguers topped the Milwaukee Braves, thanks to three hits, two RBI and a home run by Damaska.

He earned each hit, battling future Hall of Famer Phil Niekro.

Damaska recalled:

“Thanks for remembering my game in the International League All-Star game against Milwaukee. I just wanted to prove that I could play with them. (But never got the chance.)

Hitting the knuckleball, I just tried to hit up the middle and keep from striking out.”

That wouldn’t be the last HOFer Damaska faced. He concluded his letter with this historical footnote:

“Last player to get hit off Satchel Paige in his career. 1969 Spring Training against Atlanta Braves, Savannah, Georgia.”

‘Now Pitching For the Yankees’ – Sample Marty Appel’s New Book!

Anyone who read Pinstripe Empire will know that Marty Appel is NOT a baseball egghead or stuffy scholar.

He writes like a real fan. This is someone who has been front and center for countless moments in Yankees history. Nevertheless, he doesn’t write down to readers. He warms up his baseball time machine and takes us along to relive his adventures.

That’s why I’m yelling STOP THE PRESSES here at the blog for the chance to bring you news of Marty’s newest: Now Pitching for the Yankees.

Why tell you about the book, when I can show you? Here’s an excerpt from his newest work. Click the link and hear about the brave man who ended Oscar Gamble’s afro.

Fans of any team will love Marty’s latest. Ever imagined what being a team spokesman is like? He shares all. Even if this year’s club is struggling, this Yankees book is a can’t-miss winner.

Coming Monday (at last)! Who connected off Phil Niekro and Satchel Paige?