‘Now Pitching For the Yankees’ – Sample Marty Appel’s New Book!

Anyone who read Pinstripe Empire will know that Marty Appel is NOT a baseball egghead or stuffy scholar.

He writes like a real fan. This is someone who has been front and center for countless moments in Yankees history. Nevertheless, he doesn’t write down to readers. He warms up his baseball time machine and takes us along to relive his adventures.

That’s why I’m yelling STOP THE PRESSES here at the blog for the chance to bring you news of Marty’s newest: Now Pitching for the Yankees.

Why tell you about the book, when I can show you? Here’s an excerpt from his newest work. Click the link and hear about the brave man who ended Oscar Gamble’s afro.

Fans of any team will love Marty’s latest. Ever imagined what being a team spokesman is like? He shares all. Even if this year’s club is struggling, this Yankees book is a can’t-miss winner.

Coming Monday (at last)! Who connected off Phil Niekro and Satchel Paige?

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