Who Wants World Series Chevy Guy’s Autograph? Me!

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Another MVP Award has to go to
Buzzfeed.com. See the whole Wilde video
and the Chris Farley salute. I love their photo,
by the way. Bumgarner looks ready to
strangle Wilde. Andrews struggles not to laugh.
Selig seems ready to clonk Chevy Guy
with the trophy!

I would!

Rikk Wilde is on my want list. I would love to get a letter to the star-struck, tongue-tied Chevy executive chosen to crown Madison Bumgarner World Series MVP.
I hope that Chevy doesn’t throw Wilde under the bus (oops…Chevy bus?). Isn’t it nice to think that some companies are populated with humans, not robotic wind-up dolls?
Wilde loves baseball. He loves his job. He was Mighty Casey in KC. I’ve been nervous, too. Who can’t relate to that?
He deserves a commercial. He deserves his own baseball card.

Pitcher Jeff Robinson Departs At Age 52

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Keep www.baseball-almanac.com
bookmarked. They have an awesome
collection of authentic autographs.

I was touched to see this obituary of pitcher Jeff Robinson, deceased at age 52.

The comments posted for this former Tigers pitcher included his grieving wife. She was editing the obit. Her added comments show another side to the departed moundsman.
Some collectors might have experienced Mrs. Robinson’s kindness years earlier.
Many who got confused, sending cards of pitcher Jeffrey D. Robinson might get a polite, hand-written note explaining the mix-up.
She was the perfect teammate.
The obit notes that Robinson has twin sons playing baseball on the community college level. I bet she’d help them with their fan mail, too. Let’s hope they get the chance.

Pitcher Ryan Tatusko Keeps Fans First in Korea

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A 2014 Hanwha Eagle
(courtesy Ryan Tatusko)

Some say the love the game.

Others SHOW it.

I marvel at players like Ryan Tatusko. A major league organization sells your contract to another league in another country? No problem for newly-married former Texas Rangers and Washington Nationals prospect who wound up 2014 pitching for the Hanwha Eagles in Korea. 

Some collectors seeking signatures on Tatusko’s 2011 cards who blinked may have puzzled at how to find the hurler.

Just look on social media. Facebook. Twitter. He never forgot his fans.

Knowing that postal mail could be tricky, I vowed to get a burning question answered online:

Do baseball fans in Korea crave TTM autographs as much as we do?

His reply?

“We don’t get SASE stuff, but the fans wait and wait and wait for us to come out of the stadium. And I don’t think they’ve seen my cards (Korean?) back in the states.”

My bonus? I suggested that the right-hander ask his newlywed wife for her autograph, considering all the challenges she’s facing [He praised you as “unbelievable,” Mrs. T!] as he works in a new country. He added:

“I do. She won’t give it to me. LOL.”

I don’t know how many games Tatusko could win for a 2015 team. However, I can’t imagine any other pitcher, this side of Pat Neshek, winning more fans than “Tusk” could.