Who Wants World Series Chevy Guy’s Autograph? Me!

Posted October 30th, 2014 by Tom Owens and filed in Chevy Guy, Madison Bumgarner, Rikk Wilde, World Series MVP
Another MVP Award has to go to
Buzzfeed.com. See the whole Wilde video
and the Chris Farley salute. I love their photo,
by the way. Bumgarner looks ready to
strangle Wilde. Andrews struggles not to laugh.
Selig seems ready to clonk Chevy Guy
with the trophy!

I would!

Rikk Wilde is on my want list. I would love to get a letter to the star-struck, tongue-tied Chevy executive chosen to crown Madison Bumgarner World Series MVP.
I hope that Chevy doesn’t throw Wilde under the bus (oops…Chevy bus?). Isn’t it nice to think that some companies are populated with humans, not robotic wind-up dolls?
Wilde loves baseball. He loves his job. He was Mighty Casey in KC. I’ve been nervous, too. Who can’t relate to that?
He deserves a commercial. He deserves his own baseball card.