Who Wants World Series Chevy Guy’s Autograph? Me!

Another MVP Award has to go to
Buzzfeed.com. See the whole Wilde video
and the Chris Farley salute. I love their photo,
by the way. Bumgarner looks ready to
strangle Wilde. Andrews struggles not to laugh.
Selig seems ready to clonk Chevy Guy
with the trophy!

I would!

Rikk Wilde is on my want list. I would love to get a letter to the star-struck, tongue-tied Chevy executive chosen to crown Madison Bumgarner World Series MVP.
I hope that Chevy doesn’t throw Wilde under the bus (oops…Chevy bus?). Isn’t it nice to think that some companies are populated with humans, not robotic wind-up dolls?
Wilde loves baseball. He loves his job. He was Mighty Casey in KC. I’ve been nervous, too. Who can’t relate to that?
He deserves a commercial. He deserves his own baseball card.

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