Pitcher Herm Starrette’s Signing Fee Matters

Some think of Herm Starrette as a 1960s Orioles pitcher. Others recall him as the pitching coach for the 1980 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies.

I think of him as a fighter.
Starrette, now 75, recounted his prostate cancer battle to me in a 2010 letter
Now, he’s asking for a donation per autograph: $5 minimum for cards and $10 to sign a baseball.
Yes, the money will help offset his mounting medical bills.
According to address list specialist Harvey Meiselman, Starrette has a 97 percent response rate. This is NOT a case of a never-signing-before name saying he’d reconsider autographs if money was added.
If you’ve gotten Starrette to sign before, drop him a note of encouragement. And, while he hasn’t issued a plea for extras, I know that he’s passed out autographed cards to medical staff during his many doctor visits.
Starrette has been giving for years. He seems entitled to ask for support versus his biggest foe yet. Let’s keep him in the game.

Jayson Werth Tips His Cap To Phillies PA Star Dan Baker

Part of Dan Baker’s
Fan Club!

Do players notice?

I asked Dan Baker if he’s gotten feedback from the field in his 40-plus years of PA work.

He replied:

“I don’t remember which Phillie complimented me first, but when Jayson Werth returned as a Washington National, he said it wasn’t the same without me introducing him.

1980 World Series hero Dickie Noles said I have the best voice in baseball. That was very kind! I’d never say that about myself!”

Well deserved praise for a humble hero. Meanwhile, savor another tale of a grateful Phil appreciating Baker’s vocal talents.

Coming Thursday: Remembering Harry Kalas.

Famed Pitching Coach Herm Starrette Now Pitching Against Prostate Cancer

I spotted this on eBay for
“only” $13.49. Seems
the seller believes that
Mr. Starrette is deceased.

This Herm Starrette update comes courtesy of Juan Rosales at Baseball Interactions. He wrote:

“I just got a response from Mr. Starrette. He’s still battling cancer. He seems like an awesome guy and is very proud of his career. He asked me if I could make him a batch of custom index cards for him to sign for his doctors and nurses. I sent them out a couple of days ago and told him to let me know if he needs more. He’ll be in my thoughts.”

I wrote about Starrette in this earlier feature. Anyone who wants to wish him well can at the address below:
103 Howard Pond Loop
 Statesville, NC 28625-2280

This is NOT a “he’s sick, get him to sign while you can.” Instead, it’s a plea for help.

Get an extra Starrette card. Print an extra custom. Then, use a post-it note. Clearly state, “FOR YOU” on the gift. Please, don’t hint or generalize in the letter that he can keep some if he wants. Make the gift specific. Imagine a caring medical staff, often taken for granted, displaying their Starrette autographs like badges of honor, awards they earned.

As long as he’s able, Starrette is sending notes with his autograph replies, including memories, or thanks for the extra cards. He’s a grateful gentleman who’s never forgotten us fans. Let’s do the same. Remember him as a 1960s Orioles hurler, the pitching coach for the 1980 World Champion Phillies or a chief ally for Red Sox GM Dan Duquette. Just remember Starrette, while there’s still time.

Meanwhile, enjoy this 2010 newspaper feature interview with Starrette.

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