Jayson Werth Tips His Cap To Phillies PA Star Dan Baker

Posted June 24th, 2013 by Tom Owens and filed in 1980 Philadelphia Phillies, Dan Baker, Dickie Noles, Jayson Werth

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Do players notice?

I asked Dan Baker if he’s gotten feedback from the field in his 40-plus years of PA work.

He replied:

“I don’t remember which Phillie complimented me first, but when Jayson Werth returned as a Washington National, he said it wasn’t the same without me introducing him.

1980 World Series hero Dickie Noles said I have the best voice in baseball. That was very kind! I’d never say that about myself!”

Well deserved praise for a humble hero. Meanwhile, savor another tale of a grateful Phil appreciating Baker’s vocal talents.

Coming Thursday: Remembering Harry Kalas.

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