2012 Minor League Coach Rosters As A Gift

Posted February 24th, 2012 by Tom Owens and filed in www.sportscollectors.net
Some collectors
deserve a plaque, too.
The MVC Award?

Here’s reason number gazillion why I’m happy to be a member of www.sportscollectors.net.

On the message board, I discovered something amazing:

A gift.

Once, I thought I’d spend WEEKS searching out every team website, trying to seek who this year’s minor league managers, coaches and roving instructors were. Or, I could drop $30-ish dollars for the directory from Baseball America. Ouch. That’s a lot of postage stamps..

(Hmmm…Amazon has the $29.95 book for $19.37. However, it
doesn’t come out until March 6. Little late for trying to get coaches in
spring training!)

Well, screen name “Willyben” indicates he’s made a database directory of all these team on-field employees. Just the guys you’d want in your collection. One TTM hobby fact is that tough autographs who don’t like mail to their homes will consider signing when you write to their “office” — that is, in care of their minor league team.

I wrote. I’m hoping to get more of the story behind this database. The reply from Brent Williams amazed me further. He wants to share with everyone..not just other SCN members.

Here’s his work-in-progress, the 2012 Minor League Database:

Prince. Albert. Brent. The first basemen better look out when it comes to this season’s MVP voting. My gratitude hints that I may choose the third guy.

Morals of this story? You are not alone. There are others in the hobby who’ll cheer you on and help you with your goals, if you’ll do the same. Don’t wait for perfection. Ask for help and see the pieces other collectors can add to the puzzle. Together, we are stronger.

Coming Monday: Brian “The Autograph Card” Flam discusses one of the epic questions facing in-person collectors…Sharpie or Staedtler?

A Baseball Letter of Protest: Why Hide ‘Driving Mister Yogi’ Book During Spring Training?

Posted February 23rd, 2012 by Tom Owens and filed in Harvey Araton, Ron Guidry, Yogi Berra

Dear Houghton Mifflin Harcourt:

All autograph collectors, especially those who collect only through the mail, know how unique spring training is. Everything is more relaxed.

You’ll have the perfect book that shows us that —

Driving Mister Yogi: Yogi Berra, Ron Guidry and Baseball’s Greatest Gift, by Harvey Araton.

Why have you decided to sit on such a potential classic until the regular season begins? (I’d guess someone in marketing was afraid of competing with NCAA basketball ‘March Madness.’ Confess. Get your blushing done now. The laughter from shocked readers should subside soon.

Our sympathies go to Mr. Araton, one all-star journalist. As you are ignoring the reading public and countless early sales, here’s the 2011 article that inspired the book to help us pass the time.

Next time, please ask. You know where to find us!

Coming Friday: A great gift to collectors for spring training!

Seeking 10 Overlooked 1960s Dodgers

Posted February 22nd, 2012 by Tom Owens and filed in Los Angeles Dodgers, Rookie of the Year
One of the all-time great
baseball card poses!

A dozen Rookies of the Year.

Even into the 1990s, it seemed that coming up with the Los Angeles Dodgers seemed to guarantee career prosperity.

But not every wearer of Dodger blue was granted such an opportunity for success.

I went back to 1960, when Frank Howard became the first Dodger ROY winner. Who were the L.A. cup-of-coffee candidates from that decade, those who never found the same spotlight?

My latest letters are to:

Jim Barbieri
Dick Calmus
Roy Gleason
Jim Golden
Derrell Griffith
Tim Harkness
Dick Nen
Bart Shirley
Hector Valle
Carl Warwick