A P.S. From WLW’s Tracy Jones

Tracy Jones (left) with
his afternoon co-host

(Photo courtesy WLW)

It never hurts to say thanks, or to write a thank-you note.

Want proof? I sent former Reds outfielder Tracy Jones a link to my previous blog post expressing amazement and gratitude over his autographed card giveaway. As a bonus, he added these comments:


Thanks for the awesome shout out on the blog. It’s people like you that make me wanna get the cards out afterall….even if it was way late! To answer your questions…

(Q: How many people got autographed cards from your offer?)

1. i have sent out well over 300 cards

(Q: How did you get so many cards of yourself?)

2. i like to keep them in stock

(Q: Why did you go through with your plan, even when you announced you were shutting down the offer in December?)

3. awesome fans like you

have a good one and thanks again.


Tracy Jones sent me more than an autograph. He sent me proof that “why not?” beats “why?” for anyone wanting to have more fun in this hobby.

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Thanking Tracy Jones & WLW

Those hopeful Reds fans at
www.omgreds.com covered the
Jones Autograph Promise
from the start. They got theirs, too!

Even this blogger saw Tracy Jones deliver in the clutch.

My mailbox had an autograph 1987 Topps Wednesday. Just like he promised to everyone who e-mailed.

What impressed me most?

No WLW advertising. A blank white envelope addressed by hand.
No worry that my address has been entered into an advertiser’s database
and will be on mailing labels for eternity.

I would have understood if TJ had included a note asking for
listeners. Or, “I hope you like the card. If you can, donate to ____.”

This was a pure gift. A promise fulfilled.

It’s time for another e-mail from me. This was the e-mail address he shared when he first made the offer:


Thank him for the autograph. It seems that most people in the states who wrote him should have their autographed card in the next few days. Even the plentiful 1987 cards aren’t free. Postage sure isn’t. This gesture took plenty of time, as well as money.

Tracy came through for us. Let’s look good, too. Represent the hobby well.

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Breaking News: Tracy Jones Delivers?!?

The website www.omgreds.com shared these specimens in
December, but reported on 12/15 that Jones wanted to
cancel his free autograph offer. Why did he go through with it?
By the way, this website looks like a great resource
for Reds autograph possibilities!

Tonight’s menu includes crow and humble pie.

I waved the red (Cincinnati Reds?) flag back in January over concerns that Tracy Jones might be toying with the affections of WLW listeners. I didn’t throw stones or call names. However, I did address that I hoped collectors wouldn’t be teased with empty promises.

Jeff Schultz reported on www.sportscollectors.net that he may be the first to find that the former outfielder came through on his promise for a postage-paid autographed card to anyone who e-mailed. Thanks to Jeff, who scored a signed 1987 Topps.

There could be good news at your door soon, too. It may not be that Publisher’s Clearinghouse guy with the balloons and the giant cardboard check. I’ll take TJ as my consolation prize.

People who keep their word get my applause. There’s a new reason for wanting a Tracy Jones autograph!

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No Fat Lady Singing Yet: Did Red-Turned-WLW Host Tracy Jones Really Just E-Mail Me?

Free, authentic autographs?
Some WLW listeners claim
he made the same offer a year ago
and never delivered. Hmm…

Tracy Who?

I blurted those words as I looked at my e-mail inbox today.

However, I’m not going to disregard any possibility in this hobby.

Supposedly, Tracy Jones responded to my Jan. e-mail. I answered his on-air offer to send an autographed card, postage paid, to any listener.

The only difference was that I included a link to my Jan. 3 column about his offer. The subject line for my e-mail was entitled “Autographed cards? Really?”

No, I’m not the only one. I saw a copy of the e-mail received from another collector. Our messages were different.

Both notes do begin with “Sorry for the delay” and say that signed cards will be mailed out this month.

As Tracy himself might say —

Stay tuned!

Coming Friday: Learn the inside story of “The Autograph Card.”

A Letter to Ex-Red Tracy Jones

I give up! I realize this
1989 Bowman facsimile
signature may be the
closest I ever get to
your autograph!

Dear Tracy Jones:

I write a blog for fans and collectors at


Several of my readers were perplexed by your second straight year of promising autographed cards to anyone who e-mails you. The hobby knows that you SELDOM sign fan mail c/o your WLW workplace, even with the SASE enclosed.

Yes, we listen online.

You said you needed listener phone numbers? Why? Are you telemarketing on the side?

Scott Sloan, your broadcast partner, responded to one listener, saying that he should share the e-mail with his friends. However, you, Mr. Jones, blamed a website for spreading the message and ruining it for everyone, requiring you to shut down the offer?

I’ve yet to find someone who received an autographed card from their e-mail. Is this just an effort to measure your ratings or popularity?

I’d be happy to share any of your thoughts about autographs or collectors with my readers.

You are a great on-air personality, outspoken, lively and unique, with refreshing points of view. I’d just hate to think you and “Sloanie” were using collectors as pawns to boost listenership. I’d welcome your explanation.

Tom Owens

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