Seeking 10 Overlooked 1960s Dodgers

Posted February 22nd, 2012 by Tom Owens and filed in Los Angeles Dodgers, Rookie of the Year
One of the all-time great
baseball card poses!

A dozen Rookies of the Year.

Even into the 1990s, it seemed that coming up with the Los Angeles Dodgers seemed to guarantee career prosperity.

But not every wearer of Dodger blue was granted such an opportunity for success.

I went back to 1960, when Frank Howard became the first Dodger ROY winner. Who were the L.A. cup-of-coffee candidates from that decade, those who never found the same spotlight?

My latest letters are to:

Jim Barbieri
Dick Calmus
Roy Gleason
Jim Golden
Derrell Griffith
Tim Harkness
Dick Nen
Bart Shirley
Hector Valle
Carl Warwick

2 Responses to “Seeking 10 Overlooked 1960s Dodgers”

  1. Ernest Reyes says:

    I look forward to their responses. I’m especially eager to hear from Roy Gleason. He’s the only former MLB’er to fight in the Vietnam War.

  2. Spiegel83 says:

    Good luck! Please let me know how you do.

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