Nancy Reagan, Autograph Detective?

What kind of autograph
collector would Nancy have been?

Just say no.

No, not’s that it.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan brought re-gifting out of the closet when she was broadsided by the 1991 tell-all biography from Kitty Kelley. Supposedly, the author claimed Nancy tossed a teddy bear into the White House “gift closet,” only to present the plush animal to the same grandson who had been without his toy since the last visit.

Stay with me, please. There’s baseball content here, I promise.

I’ve puzzled over why once-willing signers stop signing their fan mail. Of course, the top answer remains: “Everyone’s a dealer who’ll sell my valuable autograph on eBay, keeping all the riches for themselves.”

Could it be the fear of re-gifting might play into it, too? I’m sure current and former players still think that each autograph is like a gift given. Do they believe you’ll treat the signature the same way?

Double-check the next letter you send. Is it clear WHY you want their autograph, and why they should sign for YOU?

Coming Friday: Another Cardinals pitcher departs.

Former Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher Eric Junge Compliments My ‘Cool Letter’

Junge, in this 2003 photo,
toured the Johnson Space
Center with other Phillies.
Learn more at

 Remember when I looked up some minor leaguer senior citizens from the 2011 season?

Anyone still active in the minors past age 30 has to be in it for the love of the game.

I told that to pitcher Eric Junge, who worked the 2011 campaign with the AAA Salt Lake Bees.

I asked about his 2002 wins against the Pirates and Braves.


Cool letter.

I wish you all the best.

Eric Junge”

Who knows? Maybe this Crash Davis-like character will recall more after he pitches his last inning. For now, it seems like he’s zoned on one more spring training.

Meanwhile, don’t miss the great profile of Junge’s nomadic career in ESPN The Magazine.

Coming Thursday: First Lady Nancy Reagan helps me ponder non-signers.

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