Can FOREVER Stamps Work Anywhere?

I had a great question from Kohei Nirengi, our great baseball booster from Japan.

He reminded me how much international readers of this blog love baseball letters. They cope with TWO different postal systems.

Kohei asked if FOREVER stamps could help him guard against possible price increases on his air mail returns. Currently, it’s $1.05 for one SASE.

I hope that USPS would extend the power of FOREVER price protection to overseas users, too. I think collectors like Kohei would invest in quantity. And why not?

To get an iron-clad answer, I e-mailed the USPS website.

Years ago (in a different town) I called my local post office to ask about a mailing question. Getting served at the counter, the clerk told me something different. I explained how I had called to ask about the policy before driving to the post office.

“Are you sure you hadn’t called UPS?” he asked in all seriousness. “They’re different than us.”

Ever since, I’ve always wanted to double-check any interpretation of postal policy.

Any suggestions for collectors for other countries? Stay tuned for my official USPS update.

Coming Wednesday: A Sharpie secret.

To Pat and Stephanee Neshek

Dear Pat and Stephanee:

This letter is not about the Oakland A’s, the post-season or autographs. This is about both of you and Gehrig John.

Fans and autograph collectors have loved you both for years. You’ve given so much of yourselves, putting others first. The loss of your baby saddens us all. We grieve with you.

We’re grateful for both of you. Your courage in these difficult times makes us proud. I’m sure it would make that little boy proud, too.

In Remembrance,
Tom Owens

A St. Louis Brown Shines As Autograph All-Star

This logo and
lots of other gems
are waiting at
Make it official: I’m a Nick Diunte fan.
Any article of his is a treat. Nick isn’t the pompous professor of baseball-ology type of journalist. His writing is smart, yet FUN.
That’s why I had to share this note:
“I figured that this article might be of interest to you and your readers. It was inspired by the great TTM return I had earlier this month from Frank Saucier, who after a few months, not only signed by items, but sent along a few articles about his career and his military service. The articles he sent fueled the article that I wrote. He’s the second old timer who has sent me a multiple page reply of articles and photos about his career after I talked a little baseball in the letter.”

Who’s A Collectible Baseball Autograph?

An obituary got me thinking. I hope it does the same for you.

Bill Behm never wore the Tigers uniform. However, Detroit’s trainer contributed to two World Series winners, the championship teams of 1968 and 1984. How many men got to be a part of both celebrations?

Who is worthy, autograph collectors? Only players? Only those active-duty, cap-and-jersey roster members? Only the people who appear in a card set?

Think hard about your definition of collectible. Bill Behm’s obituary appeared everywhere. Pages and pages of search-engine listings. His passing reminds us that the window of opportunity for unconventional baseball autographs closes quickly.

Coming Wednesday: Hitting the jackpot with one of the last St. Louis Browns!

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