A great free resource for baseball photos

Posted January 7th, 2016 by Tom Owens and filed in Pat Neshek
Here's Pat Neshek, autographing all-star. Wikimedia rocks! (Photo credit: Eric Enfermero/Wikimedia Commons)

Here’s Pat Neshek, autographing all-star. Wikimedia rocks! (Photo credit: Eric Enfermero/Wikimedia Commons)

Do you want a free image of the guy you are writing to? 

Chances are, even that player may have never seen these images before!

Check out Wikimedia Commons. As I read their terms of use policy, there seems to be no conflict for collectors seeking something to get autographed for their own collections.


Pat Neshek is coming! Santa Claus joins the Houston Astros

Posted December 11th, 2014 by Tom Owens and filed in Houston Astros, Pat Neshek
Santa Junior?

It’s not just the beard.

If you want to see the spirit of Christmas during the 2015 season, tell Houston fans to check out this guy. 
Scratch that. Free agent acquisition Pat Neshek is Christmas every day of the year.
Guaranteed, the Astros will have a league leader in “most autographs given” and “best signature” categories. 

Dan Cote Customizes Twins Collection for ‘Signs of Minnesota’

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Sure, Pat’s an autograph all-star.
However, I predict more
above-and-beyond signatures
for these Cote customs.

I swoon over customized cards.

It’s not simply a matter of seeing a photo for the first time. It’s showing the player depicted that you created a work of art, all because of him.
Dan Cote is creating some beauties for his Signs of Minnesota blog. Of course, he’s covering all Minnesota sports (even on the college level).
Here’s the second cool part of his project:
Check out his blog. If anyone wasn’t sure about signing, they could investigate him online. He’s adding a nice biography of each signer, even including playing stats.
If I was a one-year wonder or cup-of-coffee guy with the Twins, I’d be taking any immortality that I could get. Knowing that my autograph is treated as a bit of baseball history, not as just another tally for someone’s “world’s biggest collection” goal, would compel me to sign. Most players succeeded with goals. They should relate to Dan’s goals, too.
Furthermore, as the fear of everyone being a dealer grows, having such a blog proves that Dan’s a legit, sincere collector and fan.
At the risk of sounding like my old algebra teacher, I’ve got to say it: Keep showing your work, Dan!. It’s inspiration for us all.