Is E-Mail Collectible? An E-Autograph?

Reliever Pat Neshek is an exception. By e- and U.S. Mail,
he dazzles with his responses.

It’s a different kind of envelope to open. No paper. Just an icon.

Including your e-mail address with a fan letter could be a mixed blessing.

I love the hand-written creation of a response. I ask questions and see a retiree’s thought process. The cross-outs, the additions in another color of ink.

I’ve never included an e-mail address, thinking that a former player would only hit SEND when the answer was perfect.

Former catcher Bob Barton illustrated this perfectly. Words in the margins of my letter. Arrows leading me from one burst of thought to another insight. It was so REAL, just like the same way he’d call a game.

I think autograph collectors purchasing an autograph, requesting a special signature on a special spot using a certain pen SHOULD include an e-mail address. Someone handling the purchase could reach you quicker to double-check your wishes.

However, I’m not ready to start printing out e-mails to keep with hand-written letters.

Your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Is E-Mail Collectible? An E-Autograph?”

  1. I say keep it. I’ve held on to e-mails from people I consider famous. At the very least keep it electronically in a folder within your e-mail provider. Printing it out may be a stretch.


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