Can FOREVER Stamps Work Anywhere?

I had a great question from Kohei Nirengi, our great baseball booster from Japan.

He reminded me how much international readers of this blog love baseball letters. They cope with TWO different postal systems.

Kohei asked if FOREVER stamps could help him guard against possible price increases on his air mail returns. Currently, it’s $1.05 for one SASE.

I hope that USPS would extend the power of FOREVER price protection to overseas users, too. I think collectors like Kohei would invest in quantity. And why not?

To get an iron-clad answer, I e-mailed the USPS website.

Years ago (in a different town) I called my local post office to ask about a mailing question. Getting served at the counter, the clerk told me something different. I explained how I had called to ask about the policy before driving to the post office.

“Are you sure you hadn’t called UPS?” he asked in all seriousness. “They’re different than us.”

Ever since, I’ve always wanted to double-check any interpretation of postal policy.

Any suggestions for collectors for other countries? Stay tuned for my official USPS update.

Coming Wednesday: A Sharpie secret.

1 thought on “Can FOREVER Stamps Work Anywhere?”

  1. I’m not sure what the policy is here in Canada. I know stores here will accept American money. I’d be curious to know if I mailed something to the US, if my SASE had Canadian postage on it, would my response would make it back here?


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