Addicted to Sharpie Pens?

Here’s an increasingly-common collector comment:

“I asked for it to be signed in ballpoint. He signed it in Sharpie. Argh!!!”

You,  the hobbyist, are thinking about what looks good.

The autographer signer? What FEELS good!

On the surface, the act seems crazy. A retiree signing a vintage item with a pen not yet invented when the card was first issued.

Well, I’m guessing that all of us have at least three stories of when a ballpoint pen failed us. It dried up. It wouldn’t write on a certain surface. It froze! After paying a whole nickel for that blasted pen. Wait. It was free. Or, I borrowed it from the bank?


Sharpies have spoiled us. I think the most thoughtful old-timers are embarrased when they’ve carved their name on a card, only to see that the ink pen hasn’t cooperated.

One other difference: Sharpies they have a thick barrel that feels good to arthritic hands of an 80-something. They’re easier to grip.

That’s the biggest reason “sign in ink pen” requests get ignored.

Coming Friday: The Yankee adventures of “Pinstripe Empire” author Marty Appel!

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