To Pat and Stephanee Neshek

Dear Pat and Stephanee:

This letter is not about the Oakland A’s, the post-season or autographs. This is about both of you and Gehrig John.

Fans and autograph collectors have loved you both for years. You’ve given so much of yourselves, putting others first. The loss of your baby saddens us all. We grieve with you.

We’re grateful for both of you. Your courage in these difficult times makes us proud. I’m sure it would make that little boy proud, too.

In Remembrance,
Tom Owens

1 thought on “To Pat and Stephanee Neshek”

  1. Pat and Stephanee are two of the nicest people one will ever meet. They have been great to their fans by pulling back the curtain and allowing fans to get a sense of baseball life on the other side. This is simply tragic news that words of condolences can not begin to express. Thoughts and prayers go out to Pat and Stephanee and their families during this very difficult time.


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