Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio? The Future of Baseball-Related U.S. Postage Stamps

The USPS clerk showed me the newest commemoratives. 

“Here’s a Jimi Hendrix stamp, if you’re an old hippie!”
Sadly, he had no funny suggestions for an old baseball fan sending letters to retired players.
Everyone holds their breath for the next baseball stamp.
Want to do more than wish? Amazingly, it’s possible to cast a vote.
The Citizen’s Advisory Committee helps determine the Postal Service determine new subjects for future postage stamps. They meet four to five times yearly to look at the approximately 50,000 suggestions received yearly.
Check out their guidelines for subject selections. Send them a nomination.
(Not surprisingly, there’s no e-mail address that I could find. If you want to suggest a baseball-related commemorative, it’ll cost you 49 cents.)
Readers: what baseball-related subject matter would you like on your next postage stamps?

Easier Mailing To Canada…Soon!

“Global Forever” sounds like a rock anthem.

Actually, it’s one of the best parts of the upcoming postal increase Monday.

For the first time,  air mail will have some simplicity. It’s $1.10 per ROUND stamp. One of these beauties will get you up to a 2-ounce letter-sized mailing to Canada. You’ll still need Canadian postage on your SASE back to the USA, however.

For the collectors outside the United States, there won’t be the worry of not getting a response before the next postal increase. Buy it now (or when it’s on sale Monday) and get the benefits FOREVER. Hence, the name.

My only wish? The stamp is round. Make one that looks like a baseball!

Getting Your SASE Forwarded?

The USPS has been kind
through the years delivering
my SASEs missing postage.
However, if moving, I want
to know I’ve done everything
to keep the autograph SAFE!

One hopeful bit of recent news on www.sportscollectors.net centered around former Seattle Mariner Alvin Davis. Collectors who wrote to the former first baseman in 2008 were seeing autograph results materialize.

I’ve been pondering how to contact a former player who takes YEARS to respond.

There’s a strong possibility I could be living in a different state in 2013. The U.S. Postal Service forwards for only six months?
My only solution has been to include in the return address section of my SASE the address of my parents. I’m sure they’ll be rooted to the same spot.
Readers, is there a better way? I’ll be grateful to share any other ideas.

Coming Wednesday: Antiques Roadshow, Part 2

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