Where does Cubs pitcher Blake Cooper keep his fan mail?

CooperBlakeChicago Cubs pitching prospect Blake Cooper made headlines for an off-the-field reason.

No, he didn’t get arrested.

The PCL hurler’s temporary home caught the attention of the state’s biggest newspaper.

Seasons ago, former Iowa Cub Rod Beck redefined portable lodging when in Des Moines, keeping his RV parked just outside the outfield fences.

Good luck figuring out where Cooper will park in The Windy City. I’m guessing collectors may need to stick with the “c/o team” route in this case.

Lucky Beavers: Finding Team Letterhead Gems

Wear a Baseball Letter!
(Courtesy http://www.ebbets.com/)

How many autograph collectors have missed out?
Occasionally, team form letters are sent, the “too busy to sign” varieties. Or, a superstar generated a pre-print or autopenned generic response.

Those embossed letterheads are cool! Sure, “but I wanted…” is why everything hits the recycling bin. Years later, a logo catches your eye. You remember. Too late.

That’s where the cool fans at Ebbets Field Flannels come in. I love their letterhead collection. I was transfixed by Portland’s uniforms when they visited Tacoma for 1980s Pacific Coast League battles.

I’ve been a customer before. I will be again. Quality creations and great service. Ebbets Field
Flannels are all-stars.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to save the envelopes and letterheads from teams, even when the players disappoint. Someday, someone might make a T-shirt out of your consolation prize!

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