Lucky Beavers: Finding Team Letterhead Gems

Wear a Baseball Letter!

How many autograph collectors have missed out?
Occasionally, team form letters are sent, the “too busy to sign” varieties. Or, a superstar generated a pre-print or autopenned generic response.

Those embossed letterheads are cool! Sure, “but I wanted…” is why everything hits the recycling bin. Years later, a logo catches your eye. You remember. Too late.

That’s where the cool fans at Ebbets Field Flannels come in. I love their letterhead collection. I was transfixed by Portland’s uniforms when they visited Tacoma for 1980s Pacific Coast League battles.

I’ve been a customer before. I will be again. Quality creations and great service. Ebbets Field
Flannels are all-stars.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to save the envelopes and letterheads from teams, even when the players disappoint. Someday, someone might make a T-shirt out of your consolation prize!

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