Hauls of Shame Saving Baseball Letters

Baseball history is only one letter away. That’s what keeps me writing.

The Baseball Hall of Fame library has housed countless historic documents, including letters. Letters from owners, players, all kinds of fabled baseball names — Cooperstown has collected them.

Sadly, some of the finest letters showcasing baseball’s history disappeared. Apparent thefts from years ago have only come to light as auction houses are seeing some of the mystery documents reappear.

A standing O goes to expert Peter J. Nash and the web team behind Hauls of Shame. Instead of simply sensationalizing tragic crimes of the past, the site is working with law enforcement and authentication talents to return these documents back to where they belong. I’m eager to see Nash’s 2011 book on the same subject.

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  1. There appears to be more to this than meets the eye from just looking at his site. According to these articles from real news sources, Peter J Nash has pleaded the Fifth when asked about the authenticity and provenance of his memorabilia items, and he has admitted to fraud. Here are links to help understand that all is not as it seems by reading his self-promoting website. This is wild. Check these many links out about Nash, his legal woes, and activities well documented by the legal system and journalists as opposed to what he writes about himself on his own website:






    Yet ANOTHER lawsuit against Peter Nash, involving allegations of fraud, fake items, using items that don’t belong to him to borrow money, even threats of broken legs, etc:




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