Pitcher Dennis Bennett Ponders The Past

Bennett maintains that trademark
autograph, showcased by a
reverse slant much like
Willie Stargell’s.

Pitcher Dennis Bennett never got a do-over.

He was a key hurler for the 1964 Phillies, winning 12 games for the team who seemed destined for a pennant until the last weeks of the season.

He summed up his career with great emotion, writing:

“Just being in the Big Leagues was my biggest thrill. Seeing and playing with the greatest players in the world.

My career was cut short by a car wreck. But I made the most out of a bad deal. With today’s technology, I would probably still be pitching.

I was one of the young and coming star(s) of the year.

It’s hard to say where I might have ended my career without getting hurt. They said I had the makings of a superstar. Oh, well. At least I got to play the game I loved for 17 years.

It could of been.

Dennis Bennett”

Read more about Bennett’s roller-coaster career ride in the fine SABR biography written by Mark Amour.

Coming Tuesday: In part 2, Bennett shares fond memories of Johnny Podres and Gene Mauch.

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