Pitcher Bobby Locke Is A ‘Lock’

If there’s a sure thing TTM, it’s this fine righty!

Pitcher Bobby Locke doesn’t disappoint.

He’s a fast, dependable signer. According to www.sportscollectors.net, most replies come in 2 weeks or less. And, how many retirees send thank-you notes when you enclose an extra of a custom or a duplicate Topps card?

Locke homered in his 1959 debut against the Red Sox. Imagine the visiting team’s pitcher, in his first ever game, smashing one over the Green Monster!

That nugget and more came from a tribute to Locke, honored for his high school sports stardom.

For me, I wanted to know most about 1964. He spent part of that season with the ill-fated Phillies, the can’t-miss team who did.

How did the pennant escape the Phils?

“Manager did not use the pitchers as he should have,” Locke wrote. “Some pitched with two days rest.”

The former hurler closed with “Tom! Wishing You My Very Best.”

Back at you, Mr. Locke. I’m sure he’d do the same for you.

Pitcher Dennis Bennett Ponders The Past

Bennett maintains that trademark
autograph, showcased by a
reverse slant much like
Willie Stargell’s.

Pitcher Dennis Bennett never got a do-over.

He was a key hurler for the 1964 Phillies, winning 12 games for the team who seemed destined for a pennant until the last weeks of the season.

He summed up his career with great emotion, writing:

“Just being in the Big Leagues was my biggest thrill. Seeing and playing with the greatest players in the world.

My career was cut short by a car wreck. But I made the most out of a bad deal. With today’s technology, I would probably still be pitching.

I was one of the young and coming star(s) of the year.

It’s hard to say where I might have ended my career without getting hurt. They said I had the makings of a superstar. Oh, well. At least I got to play the game I loved for 17 years.

It could of been.

Dennis Bennett”

Read more about Bennett’s roller-coaster career ride in the fine SABR biography written by Mark Amour.

Coming Tuesday: In part 2, Bennett shares fond memories of Johnny Podres and Gene Mauch.