Invest In Your 2013 Collection: Harvey Meiselman’s Taking Orders For New Address List!

Beep beep. Blasted drive-thru line!

Yes, we’re all accustomed to instant service. But the best things are worth waiting for.

Harvey Meiselman’s yearly Baseball Address List is the best tool any collector, researcher or fan could have. Setting a good example for the U.S. Postal Service, Harvey is NOT increasing his prices.

His new list will cost $35, same as last year. Bigger, better, but same price.

Sorry, Santa. Harvey is not shipping until Jan. 5.

Can’t I order later? Yes, but…

Harvey will have a first-come, first-served policy. If you get in line now, you’ll be the first to get new addresses. I wish I could be Mister Optimism and say that autograph signing habits will never change.

History begs to differ. With new addresses, newly-discovered names may sign until they’re overwhelmed. They may choose to start charging, or they may stop signing completely.

Find out more at No, I’m not a paid affiliate. I am a fan of Harvey.

Coming Monday: A winter league for collectors?

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