An Overdue Valentine For Pat Neshek

My hope soared to see the image on Talk
to the man, reporters! He’s much more
than a “herky jerky” hurler…

Pitcher Pat Neshek remains baseball’s best-kept secret.

This is bigger than stats. The Orioles have potential gold to prospect. Neshek is one of baseball’s few remaining personalities, in addition to being MLB’s first-ever hobby ambassador.

I spotted just one website this weekend that might have told a little bit about Neshek’s charm. Well, a correspondent critiqued Neshek’s unique pitching motion. Sigh…

Attention, Baltimore media! Go to the Pat Neshek website. Check out his message board. Talk about a fan following! He’s real. While other ad agencies are posting phoney “all about me” messages on behalf of players, the pitcher is busy reviewing new card sets (giving away the autographed inserts he pulls).

The man posts his updated spring training address, so collectors can get their fan letters sent to the proper location. He offers to trade Pat Neshek autographed cards for ones you’ve collected — for any pro sport.

Emily Post is famous for her book of etiquette. Someday, Neshek should author a book for current and former major leaguers. “How to Treat Fans and Collectors.”

Keep grabbing headlines, Pat. We’re rooting for you!

2 thoughts on “An Overdue Valentine For Pat Neshek”

  1. I’m very excited to have Neshek around the team. He pulled his car over (outside the player’s lot!) to sign for fans during my Spring Training trip. Certainly the only Oriole I saw do that.


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