Baseball History, Beyond Card Sets

The first-ever equipment
manager for the Twins
shared his career story.
A real book, still
available from

Reflecting on yesterday’s post, I realized that so many noted names in baseball history get ignored by collectors.

Why? No cards! Nothing to get autographed.

I’ve yet to find anyone who’s posted news of an autograph from the following:

— Yosh Kawano, former Cubs equipment manager

— George Toma, member MLB Groundskeepers Hall of Fame
(Look it up. No kidding!)

— Gene Geiselman, former Cardinals trainer

— Ernie Hays, former Cardinals organist

— Dick Martin, former Twins trainer

Sure, I’d love to get questions answered by these guys, names I thought would be part of baseball forever.

Most of all, I want them to see my letter. I want them to know I remember.

What out-of-uniform names from team rosters would you add to the list?

1 thought on “Baseball History, Beyond Card Sets”

  1. Warning…Warning… Warning… Shameless plug coming…

    But seriously, This is why Blank Signature cards are perfect. I always have them with me for players/Personel I run into at the park. I have gotten almost all of the Hall of Fame Broadcasters (Scully, Harwell, Kalas, etc) and a bunch of GM’s (Theo, Ned Coletti, Gillick, etc).

    Switching gears….

    On the subject of Good books to read, (I’ll have to pick up the book you pictured by Ray Crump) the Clubbie for the Brewers wrote a great book maybe 15 years ago. ‘Jocks and Socks’ by Jim Ksicincki can be had on for $0.75 + S/H… a great read for $3ppd…


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