Tiger Russ Sullivan Retires From Autographs

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Collectors have one less Detroit Tiger autograph to pursue.

Russ Sullivan, a reserve outfielder from 1951-53, is no longer able to sign. Sullivan’s wife contacted Harvey Meiselman, author of the 2011 Baseball Address List, to confirm that her husband’s severe memory loss prevents him from responding to fan mail.

Kudos to Harvey for doing more than saving collectors stamps. He’s allowing Mrs. Sullivan more time to spend with her ailing 88-year-old spouse.

I’m guessing that Russ Sullivan’s wife has been helping her husband correspond with collectors for years. That’s why I mailed this note:

Dear Mrs. Sullivan:

Collector friends have received word that your husband is unable to sign autographs any longer. Members in the hobby are grateful to Mr. Sullivan and YOU for your years of generosity. We know that wives and family members who help keep mail sorted and answered make our collections special.

Fans will remember Russ Sullivan for his years with Detroit, and for his kindness to fans. Likewise, we’re thankful that he’s had someone to help him honor the collectors, those people determined to preserve his legacy in Tigers history.

Tom Owens

Coming Wednesday: Pitcher Bud Byerly treasures his Cardinals memories.

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  1. Explains why I couldn’t get in touch with him over the past few years. Another good ballplayer who got lost in the shuffle of the reserve clause and pre-expansion era.


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