Jim Colborn ‘Recounts’ Bullpen Hijinks

“How many fans in Cleveland today?”

What’s better than hanging out at the ballpark with friends?

How about getting paid to hang out in a ballpark bullpen?

Jim Colborn confessed to some major league fun during his career. He wasn’t a starter all his life! He wrote:

“The BULLPEN is always fun — endless pranks and jokes to pass the time and deal with the stress.

  • Once counted every person in attendance in Cleveland’s Municipal Stadium.
  • Often traded balls for hot dogs, etc.
  • Built fires to stay warm.
  • Not as much fun now — too serious — higher standards and expectations for athletes. Good-natured fun too often misconstrued as evil, harmful, politically incorrect, etc. The days of innocence are gone.”

Thankfully, baseball still has colorful characters like Colborn to preserve its wacky, wonderful past.

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