George Kell Believed in Fellow Hall of Famers Brooks Robinson, Branch Rickey

Posted September 4th, 2010 by Tom Owens and filed in Branch Rickey, Brooks Robinson, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, George Kell

Back in 1997, I wrote to Hall of Famer George Kell to ask of two baseball personalities he befriended.

First, I wanted to know about his dealings with famed general manager Branch Rickey. I had read that Kell helped Rickey with the early formation of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. A few players who faced contract battles with Rickey complained how hard-nosed “The Mahatma” was in negotiations.

Secondly, I praised Kell for being a role model for fellow Arkansas native Brooks Robinson.

Kell replied:

“Thomas — Mr. Rickey got me involved in the FCA back in the early ’50s, and I found him to be just what he was advertised to be — a fine, outstanding Christian gentleman.

If I had anything to do with the formation of Brooks Robinson, I’m proud and flattered. He comes from a great background and is a fine role model.


George Kell”

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