Big Red Machine Coach George Scherger Salutes Sparky Anderson

Posted July 2nd, 2010 by Tom Owens and filed in George Scherger, Sparky Anderson

George Scherger may not read Wikipedia. That’s why I shared a glowing quote about him:

He was my first manager I ever had in 1953 when I broke into the Dodgers organization. I begged him to come with me. I used to say, ‘George, what does that sign say over there?’ He’d say, ‘Manager.’ I said, ‘Funny thing it’s on my door. I got the title, and you’re the skipper.’

— Sparky Anderson

Caught in the glow of the spotlight, Scherger turned the focus back to his Hall of Fame boss, writing:

“No way, I couldn’t tie his shoes. I never told him anything. In fact, I learned from him. when I left the club, I won a pennant at Nashville (1979) and Indianapolis (1982). That’s because I listen to Sparky.

When I had Sparky at Santa Barbara, Calif., he was a good player and wanted to win. He had great baseball instincts. He loved the game. He got his nickname in double A ball in Texas.”

If you write to Scherger, be sure to thank him for his World War II service. As July 4 approaches, it’s a great time to remember all the men who wore BOTH uniforms.

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