Cardinal Tom Lawless Had ‘A Blast’

The only difference between
this 1989 facsimile and my
autograph was Tom’s “T.”
His current sig almost
looks like “Pom.”

Tom Lawless gave me quite an answer.

He didn’t respond to any of my questions. Of course, I wanted to know about his bat-flipping homer celebration in the 1987 World Series.

Instead, I got a joyful summation of his seesaw career. After signing my letter and adding his #12, Lawless printed:

“Playing ML Baseball is a Blast!”

Did you miss Lawless sparkling for St. Louis in the 1987 Fall Classic? Here’s an epic description of the game, written by acclaimed journalist Thomas Boswell.

Coming Thursday: A review of Shawn Green’s “The Way of Baseball.”

Writing to Mike ‘Hit Man’ Easler & Company

A sweet stroke with
bat AND pen!

In the last batch of letters I sent, I chose non-pitchers.

I chose nine “if only…” players.

I remember seeing each of them play. Stars? They were in my eyes. They didn’t hold back, leaving it all on the field. The nine include:

Mike Easler
Ricky Jordan
Tom Lawless
John Grubb
Wilbur Howard
Mike Laga
Herb Washington
Johnny Ray
Greg Gagne

Readers: what have your experiences been corresponding with these nine? I’ll share results as they arrive!

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