Mike Sandlock Oldest Surviving Major Leaguer!

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I got Mike Sandlock in 2010!

With the passing of 2010 of 102-year-old Connie Marrero this week, former catcher Mike is now baseball’s senior alum at a mere 98 years young.
As you’ll see by the letter above, I think Sandlock’s crown should proclaim him as “oldest and FUNNIEST former player.”
And the ever-trusty www.sportscollectors.net reported responses from Sandlock this month. Get him while you can.
For more great background on Sandlock, check out this stellar two-part profile by John Dreker at the “Pirates Prospects” blog.

Slugger Mike Sandlock Made Dodgers Move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles?!?


I don’t get credit for that one. It’s from Mike Sandlock, yet another witty catcher.

Oh, the punchline comes last. Here’s Mike, offering a fun letter at age 94:


My first home run in the Polo Grounds. I saw the ball go over the Chesterfield Sign.

Second? The one in Ebbets Field, that one hit the clock in center.

They couldn’t fix it, so they moved to L.A.


Both off the same pitcher, Harry Feldman.

P.S. – I wish I could type??”

Why is Mike Sandlock on my heroes list? He is a World War II veteran who delayed the start of his major league career. He’s been a staunch supporter of the Baseball Assistance Team, getting financial aid to disadvantaged former players. Plus, I think he could go joke for joke against Garagiola, Uecker or any other receiver!

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