Tom Wright, Ken McBride Silent Signers

Don’t bet on seeing
the tidy version of
McBride’s autograph again!

Good news, bad news…

It was good to hear from L.A. Angels pitcher Ken McBride and 1950s outfielder Tom Wright in just a week.

However, neither addressed any questions.

Wright has a postcard-sized photo of him in a Red Sox uniform with his complete stats (major AND minor) on back. Anyone writing for an autograph should request a photo. Say that you’d like to know more about his minor league days. Wright added a return address label on the SASE. He did pen a sparkling signature.

I did ask about his THREE missing seasons (1943-45), sacrificed on behalf of World War II. Time is running out to fill in the gaps for this epic era.

McBride autographed the letter I sent. At first, I was concerned his autograph was shaky. With a little investigation on, I saw related scans of signatures dating back to 2006. He’s taken to an abbreviated autograph used by today’s players. Speed signing! Sloppy, more than shaky.

Want a card signed fast? These two are your men. They seem sworn to same-day replies. Hoping for a personalization or something specific, even a question about their career? Don’t bet on it.

Coming Friday: an update from Frank “The Original One” Thomas

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