One important lesson from Seth Swirsky’s ‘Baseball Letters’

I adore these three books. The world will be a better place next year when the trilogy is back in print, courtesy of Summer Game Books.

Before Seth Swirsky, player wives were forgotten. 
In these books, you’ll see great memories from the women in the stands.
Sure, autograph collectors might say, “They’re not in price guides. They aren’t featured on cards.”
I’m talking stories, not signatures.
Cubs fans would faint at the baseball knowledge of the wife of the late outfielder Bob Will. 
These women kept scrapbooks on their husbands. They compared notes with other wives. They were there, before, during and after.
If you want a perspective the rest of the baseball world has overlooked, put a “Mrs.” in front of the name of that guy you’re writing to.

Seth Swirsky’s ‘Baseball Letters’ Trilogy To Return?

An e-book coming soon?

A whole new generation is ready to savor the beauty of baseball correspondence.

Seth Swirsky shared his collection beginning in 1996 with Baseball Letters. The amazing out-of-print book and its two sequels might be returning soon.
Check out Summer Game Books. One imprint, “Bleacher Books,” states that an electronic edition containing all three volumes could be available soon.
E-mail SGB. Let them know you’re a ready customer. A well-read fan is a successful autograph collector.
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