Harvey Meiselman 2014 Baseball Address List Returning!

Forget Black Friday. Here’s a coming attraction to assure a great New Year, hobbyists!

Harvey Meiselman is back. Tune into his www.SportsAddressLists.com website Friday for pricing details for his new list coming in January, 2014.

Actually, the baseball list is one of MANY. He has a minor league players list, as well as several non-baseball specialties.

Harvey made one stunning comment in his Halloween preview:

“All of the lists have updated addresses for those that were reported as invalid during the year from the 2013 edition (during the year I updated over 94% of the invalid addresses reported to me) and many new addresses have been added for this year. The baseball list alone has over 3,100 updates and new addresses from the 2013 edition.” 

Mister M truly did his homework. For current list holders, you may have lost count over the e-mailed updates he provided when someone’s signing status changed. More than 50 updates were sent.

You’re not buying a product when you get Harvey’s list. You’re getting a partnership. Harvey continues to collect autographs. He relates. More than once, he’s explained to me patterns of odd behavior from sometimes-signers.

Don’t get fooled by the fact that the lists won’t ship until Jan. 11, 2014. This is a “Snooze, you lose” scenario. Order now. Why?

Harvey will ship the first lists to the first buyers. Some of these new addresses won’t stay “hot” for long. Iffy signers may grow cold after an abundance of letters to a new location. Or, a family member might suggest that their former player-relative starts charging per signature. Your speed matters.

No, the lists won’t be out in time for Christmas presents. Consider giving yourself an IOU for Harvey’s list. It’s worth waiting for.

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  1. Will there be a new 2016-2017 version of this address book, if not what is the last year, can I still buy it and how? Thank Youy Gary


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