The Heart-warming History of Cub Roe Skidmore

Mr. Skidmore is a marvel. I love
the custom card-work of Dave Auwerda.
And the former player agreed. It’s
so sad to see ex-players not
appreciating such tributes. Check
out Dave’s site, please:

I received one awesome letter from Roe Skidmore, a brief member of the 1970 Chicago Cubs. He was one of the AAAA stalwarts of the early 1970s, someone who conquered AAA but couldn’t get a full shot at the majors.

I’m grateful that such men like Skidmore aren’t bitter, but cheer on collectors.

I loved most the story about his one game in the majors: Sept. 17, 1970.

Skidmore wrote:

“In 1962 (my junior year of high school) we won the Illinois State Baseball Championship — Eisenhower HS, Decatur, Ill.

As luck would have it, my HS baseball coach was in attendance at Wrigley Field that day.

After the game, I called my Dad and we cried together on the phone! First Big League Hit!!!”

Coming Monday: Skidmore’s one Topps card.

2 thoughts on “The Heart-warming History of Cub Roe Skidmore”

  1. if anyone could tell me how to reach the skidmores , please let me know—i played with roe in the white sox organizations–he is one of the finest men i have ever known–thanks

  2. Bob,

    Roe is still alive and well in Decatur, Illinois. I just did a little work for him last summer. I have his email, if you are still interested in connecting, let me know and I’ll share your info with him.



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