Cub Roe Skidmore Knows 1971 Topps

Friends Kyle and
Tyler Smego
scored Skidmore
in 2012. See his
answers to their
letter at their
swell site,
“The Autograph Addict.”

Roe Skidmore made that one career hit as a Chicago Cub count.

Topps deemed him worthy of inclusion in the next year’s set.

Card #121, “1971 Rookie Stars CUBS,” pictures Skidmore below pitcher Jim Dunegan.

More than 40 years later, what does he see on that card?

Skidmore replied:

“The 1971 Topps picture was actually taken in spring training at Scottsdale Stadium in Arizona.

To this day, I receive approximately 2 to 3 dozen cards per week from collectors to autograph. Still feels good that people remember me.”

Coming Thursday: An Illinois native playing for the Cubs!

The Heart-warming History of Cub Roe Skidmore

Mr. Skidmore is a marvel. I love
the custom card-work of Dave Auwerda.
And the former player agreed. It’s
so sad to see ex-players not
appreciating such tributes. Check
out Dave’s site, please:

I received one awesome letter from Roe Skidmore, a brief member of the 1970 Chicago Cubs. He was one of the AAAA stalwarts of the early 1970s, someone who conquered AAA but couldn’t get a full shot at the majors.

I’m grateful that such men like Skidmore aren’t bitter, but cheer on collectors.

I loved most the story about his one game in the majors: Sept. 17, 1970.

Skidmore wrote:

“In 1962 (my junior year of high school) we won the Illinois State Baseball Championship — Eisenhower HS, Decatur, Ill.

As luck would have it, my HS baseball coach was in attendance at Wrigley Field that day.

After the game, I called my Dad and we cried together on the phone! First Big League Hit!!!”

Coming Monday: Skidmore’s one Topps card.

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