Is Arnie Beyeler A Hobby Hopeful For 2013 Boston Red Sox Collectors?

Posted December 3rd, 2012 by Tom Owens and filed in 2013 Boston Red Sox, Arnie Beyeler, Bill Kearns, Smitty on Baseball
The ‘stache is coming!

As a fan, I’ve always hoped that a coach would lead by example.

When I saw the new coaching staff for the 2013 Red Sox, I sought out Bill Kearns for a bit of insight.

The talented Maine ‘grapher had seen then-manager Arnie Beyeler in action with fans and collectors for four seasons. Any predictions how he might behave in Boston as first base coach?

Thanks to Bill, who replied:
“Only IP, mostly because he was here and before he got here, I hadn’t started the Minor League Coaches and Managers set I do every year.
With Torrey Lovullo, Brain Butterfield (Maine Born) they should all be attainable. I would suggest ST, the people that handle the mail in Boston have developed a huge black hole for mail.”
In other words, have hope but act early!

Kudos to Christopher “Smitty on Baseball” Smith for a fine detailing of Boston’s 2013 coaching roster, found here:

Coming Wednesday — Missing out on Freddy Schmidt.

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