Be Santa For Your Mail Carrier, Collectors!

Posted November 14th, 2012 by Tom Owens and filed in USPS

It’s time to think about holiday gift giving.

Don’t forget the person who keeps your hobby thriving: the mail carrier.

I checked with my local postmaster. Postal regulations limit carriers to accepting gifts (cash or equivalent) of no more than $20.

“What? Tip the postman? I spend a ton on postage.”

Gifts come in all forms. Do you know your carrier’s name? Have you ever gotten to thank them personally?

When I spoke to the postmaster, I said how happy I was with Angela. She treats our mail like it’s her own. She’s that careful.

Go to Fill out the consumer response form. Your appreciation will make a difference for your carrier, and your collection, in 2013.

Coming Friday: A way to thank Virgil Trucks!

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