Dan Xeller’s Baseball Photos Revisited

True story.

I wrote a biography on Muhammad Ali for an educational publisher that came out in 2011. Translated: the book is in schools and libraries.

Well, I gave a copy to my sister-in-law. Her hubby’s an Ali fan, too.

“I really liked the photos,” she praised.

Uh, thanks, I think?

Fast forward. Someone just mentioned that they’d like to get BIGGER looks at Dan Xeller’s great portraits of Ransom Jackson, Ty Cline and Norman Lumpkin. Check out http://www.danxeller.com/ for great looks at many more of his images.

Enjoy! And, to my sis-in-law, I admit that I didn’t write any of these pictures, either!!!

(All photos courtesy of &
copyright Dan Xeller Photography)

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