Seeking Baseball’s Might-Have-Beens

Love the pic!
Love his hustle.
After 1999, I saw
stardom for Warren. Hmmm…

Getting autographs of superstars by mail is tough.

I believe that another tough category exists: the might-have-been.

Injury is often the explanation for a shortened career. Managerial conflict is another. If the boss doesn’t believe in you, who do you get in the lineup? Or, these men simply became overshadowed in a rich farm system serving a perennial winner in the majors.

You can look these guys up. They had brief glories in the bigs, never getting the chance to extend one or two good seasons into a great career. Getting fan mail must be a bittersweet experience — glad to be remembered, but sad to be reminded of what could have been. Are the memories too painful to reply to a letter? (Some names got disqualified immediately, due to their HORRIBLE unwillingness to sign for members of, as indicated by attempts posted and monitored by SCN members.

I’ve found two “shooting stars,” the first with one season of wonder, the second with just a game of glory.

Warren Morris

John Paciorek

Readers — who else would you put on this list? Thanks for your help.

Coming Friday: Honoring Bill Monbouqette

3 thoughts on “Seeking Baseball’s Might-Have-Beens”

  1. I was able to Warren Morris to sign for me through the mail. It made me very happy. I still remember his CWS home run for LSU. I really liked him and had hoped for good things for him. I also was a big Joe Charbonneau. I used to have a record of his song.


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