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A hobby buddy. Yourself. Give someone the gift of a membership to

Aside from more postage stamps, it’s the best $14.95 purchase a collector can make.

I had a question from a blog reader. A good question.” Is it worth it?”


Before I offer any other details, note that I am not an affiliate. I’m not getting a penny if you join. Doesn’t matter. This advice is my Christmas gift to you.

Let’s take Steve Sax. Please, someone should!

(Just kidding, Rookies of the Years.)

Well, anyone who belonged to SCN would have seen that Sax got “autograph happy” in early 2011. You’d see under “Latest Sigs By Mail” results posted by other members. Likewise, all past results are tabulated. Just search the site to see his signing history.

I’ve said many times how helpful Harvey Meiselman’s address list is, along with the quarterly updates he sends to customers.

However, three months may be too long to get word of some tough name who’s on a signing spree. The message board has many categories. If a collector spots an obituary of ANY retired player, word spreads.
The same instant updates happen for invalid or updated addresses. In fact, in many cases, collectors will share the exact address they used to gain a success.

The “about” page of the site details other helpful hobby data found within.

So many readers of this blog are fellow SCN members. SCN has 6,267 premium (dues-paying) members. I was moved by the a post for the holiday season. Members can post their trade and want lists. One member suggested filling want lists as GIFTS, not as parts of a transaction. Strangers giving autographs to each other!

There’s giving on the site each day. Collectors with decades of experience answer posted questions daily.

There’s so many great people in this hobby I’ve yet to encounter. SportsCollectors.Net has been a major resource for me in telling readers about this blog when it first launched. Tips from SCNers have helped me harvest the best baseball tales for you. I’ve saved time, money and frustration in knowing who’s answering fan mail, all through this great autograph resource.

I’ve belonged for years. I hope you’ll join the SCN team, too. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Coming Friday: My best letter-writing advice of the year? My gift to you.

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