New Signers Don’t Last Forever. Get Your 2012 Baseball Address List From Harvey Now!

Harvey Meiselman will be celebrating his 17th year of creating sports address lists in 2012.

He started taking orders for the 2012 edition on November 1.

He says he’ll be shipping advance orders no later than Jan. 5. Why should you order now?

Easy. I’m sure he’ll be shipping in the order the orders are received.

Every year, Harvey discovers new addresses, updates or listings of baseball names who’ve never been included before (for instance, he’ll be adding a section of current and former coaches who’ve never played in the majors).

These people aren’t used to getting mail. Chances are, the novelty of fan mail will keep them signing…for awhile. History shows a newly-found address can dry up. The signer becomes bored, or overwhelmed, with the increased mail. Or, a signing fee becomes the norm.

Get the new addresses as soon as possible. Harvey’s still the “go to” guy in this hobby. For more information, check out his website,

Coming Thursday: The most stunning TTM autograph reply of the 2011 season?

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