Past Twins Sign Well TTM

I spotted this
as a $50 “buy it now”
on ebay. Danny was
a tireless signer
with the Twins!

Astute Jay Floyd pointed out that I left out the link to the original post listing the 10 Twins I contacted. Thanks for the reminder, J.F.!

Studying the rates of collectors seeking the 1969-75 (my era) Twins by mail, I’m astounded at how well all the non-superstars sign. The only bit of picky behavior might come from Rich Reese, who seems to be sticking to a “one autograph only” response policy.

Looking at these names and faces, I can’t help but think of my brief in-person encounter with the late Danny Thompson. He signed and signed and signed! Sadly, my team-issued autographed photo didn’t survive being thumbtacked to the wall.

Thompson, a very religious man, seemed humble. Almost shy. I think he’d remind us to write now. The Twins, and all other players, won’t be here forever.

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