Will Slugger-Turned-Author Shawn Green Start Signing Autographs Again?

Publishers: consider
having inaccessible
athletes autograph
cards to help sales!

Shawn Green’s initials might be RTS (Return to Sender).

Green has done some appearances to promote his new book, The Way of Baseball, including Jewish Community Day at Dodger Stadium. I assume that means signing copies.

I’ve only seen reviews (mostly kind) about the book. In it, Green is supposed to explain how he retired at age 34 to spend more time with his wife and kids.

Is that why he remains an elusive by-mail autograph signer?
Although this might be good only temporarily, collectors might reach him in care of his publisher Simon and Schuster. I haven’t tried it. No guarantees. However, maybe S&S would encourage him to sign again? I wouldn’t risk any valuable card. Or, someone who writes to him at his home address might try addressing it to “Author Shawn Green.”

Green and his family might be more worried about slighting readers, as opposed to mere fans or ordinary collectors.

Coming Friday: Warm words from Phillies pitcher Pat Combs.

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