New Harvey Meiselman Address List Includes Warnings For Toughest By-Mail Signers

At last, the USPS is making the majority of
new commemoratives FOREVER stamps. I’d
use these beauties on fan mail FOREVER!

I’m a slow but sure member of this hobby.

At last, I own a copy of Harvey Meiselman’s amazing 2011 Baseball Address List.

I ordered my copy Friday, July 1. Harvey e-mailed, saying he’d send the list by Priority Mail the next day. On Tuesday, July 5, the package arrived.

I’m glad Harvey added a “tough?” column. A “Y” is a warning, meaning, “Yes, the dude is tough.” Harvey studied online autograph websites, and branded the signers who’ve replied 25 percent or less with the warning.

So often, even experienced collectors lose valuable cards. It’s still okay to try a “seldom” signer. Just don’t risk your most expensive collectible with your autograph request.

I’ve used Harvey’s addresses for years. He remains the best of the hobby. Find him at

Coming Monday: Cardinals utilityman Mike Ramsey recalls a blast off future Hall of Famer Don Sutton.

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