What Would You Ask 1953 Yankee Steve Kraly?

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As of today, no ebay takers
for this 1954 specimen,
priced at $38.99. His 1955
Topps might remain the
collectible of choice…

Calling all Yankees and Mets fans…

I just received a response from Steve Kraly, pitcher for the 1953 Yankees. I sent him three questions. He wrote back without answers. Instead, he gave me permission to call to chat about any questions I’d have.

Kraly is so much more than a “cup of coffee” guy with the Yankees. Check out this great feature from 2008.

I didn’t know Kraly was a beloved part of Binghamton Mets history. Besides, I’ve never talked to the inspiration for a bobblehead, before.
Kraly was generous. I wanted to share, too. Through Monday, I’ll be compiling other questions YOU might like answered. I’ll include those in my conversation.

Coming Thursday: Comparing Virgil Trucks to a Hall of Famer.

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  1. ND says:


    This article above might start to jog your brain about what to ask Kraly. He was excellent to talk to a few weeks ago.

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