Alabama Hometown Needs Virgil Trucks

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I’m not alone.

After my recent conversation that I shared with Virgil Trucks, I realize that all collectors adore the kind signer. I’m unsure if the people of Calera, his Albama hometown, comprehend how cherished the former pitcher is.

On one travel website, I saw a 2008 photo of the “Welcome to Calera” sign on the edge of town. The sign noted that NASCAR driver Hut Stricklin is from town. And that some high school team won a state championship in 1997.


The town is working to open a Fire Trucks Museum. I’d hope that Mister “Fire” Trucks could be represented with a statue there.

As I urge Calera-ites to honor their local hero while he and his family are still here to enjoy the acclaim, I’m asking for reader help.

I’ve spoken with the Calera postmaster. I feel that Virgil Trucks should be saluted simply for all the stamps he’s convinced collectors to buy. I asked the postmaster if he’d be open to creating a cachet, or a special cancellation to honor a milestone anniversary in the Virgil Trucks Story. He was eager to know what autograph collectors might think of the idea.

I’ll forward all feedback to Calera.

4 thoughts on “Alabama Hometown Needs Virgil Trucks”

  1. Hi Tom, I would have to agree completely with your thoughts on Virgil Trucks. As an old time baseball autograph collector, wince 1973, I know that Trucks is a rare treasure indeed. When I wrote to him back in 1979, he autographed my 1958 Topps card, and 3 x 5. I asked a few questions, and received a full 2 page (front and back) hand written letter from him along with two different signed postcards that he included. I have managed to hang onto the many handwritten letters, and photos that have been sent to me.

    I support the idea that his home town should be more appreciative of this wonderful man. I hope you get enough responses to send to the postmaster there, that the USPS will indeed put out a special tribute to this man.
    I have not been real active the last 5 years in adding to my autograph collection. But I do keep up with the hobby and would like to find people who would be willing to trade. I am especially interested in 3 x 5 cards from 1900 through 1985, or so. Anyway, I am glad I have finally written to you Tom. I have been meaning to do it for some time, but I am not a blogger, nor a Facebook person. I love your column and read it every day.

    Gary Plunkitt

  2. Yes for sure. Mr Trucks is indeed one of the “best friends” of the hobby. I’ve written to him a couple of times, and I’m always impressed how he takes time to actually write a letter back, and throw in a few extra goodies. I usually end up throwing out my return envelopes, after tearing off any return addresses from the player, but in my latest response from Mr. Trucks, he put his trademark “Fire Truck” stamp on my return envelope. I was happily surprised when I saw it in my mailbox, and I ended up keeping the envelope. He is definitely a treasure, and should be honored by his hometown.

  3. If you are looking for a commemorative for Virgil Trucks, September 27 will mark the 70th anniversary of his Major League debut. 2012 will mark the 60th anniversary of the 1952 season where he pitched two no-hitters. I don’t think that we should wait until 2012 though to pay honor to him. The fact that he will hopefully be alive 70yrs from his debut is amazing enough.

  4. Absolutely they should do something. This isn’t a player who got a ‘cup of coffee’ in the majors. He is a guy who has 2 No Hitters, 2 world series rings, 2 All Star Appearances and served our country in World War II. I’m all for them erecting a statue or putting up signs or even opening a museum. They definitely should do something and I hope it is very soon!


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